“Ninkey Dalton is a great real estate agent. When our family needed a summer rental, she was able to find a beautiful place in the Malibu Colony at the very last minute. She organized every detail as we were living abroad in Italy. After our stay in Europe our family decided to move to California and once again, Ninkey was there for us. She managed to organize several houses for me to see while in Los Angeles for only one week. Literally as I was checking in at LAX, Ninkey rushed over to the airport for me to sign the papers. Ninkey handled everything. We could not have done it without her. I cannot imagine ever leaving this home but if I do, I know Ninkey will be there for me and my family. Thank you Ninkey.”


Ted Guarriello, Financial Advisor

“We could not have been happier with Ninkey as our real estate agent. When we realized that we were still a year away from buying a home, she suggested we rent until we had the money to purchase our first home.


"We are thrilled with our beautiful first home and we look forward to working with Ninkey on our next purchase.”


Scott Rosenbaum, Television Producer

“I started my search for a first home at the onset of great changes in the housing market.  As I kept looking, I became more educated, more selective, more cautious - and all the while Ninkey stuck with me.  She never let herself become discouraged, and never let me become discouraged either.  Though, at times, I thought it was hopeless.  I thought that the days had passed where you could walk into a home, and know it was yours just as you walked through the front door. Because she left no stone unturned and never lost faith, I have the house of my dreams.”


Guy Ferland, Television Director

"When we moved here from Kentucky, we only had three weeks to find a place to live.  Ninkey worked fast to find possible rental properties, present them to us, personally inspect them with video camera in hand, and in the end take care of all of the necessary paperwork, in order to have it ready for our move in date.  A year later she worked just as tirelessly in helping us find our own home to purchase.  I have worked with several realtors in the past, but never with one as knowledgeable and dedicated as Ninkey."

Robert Kirkman, Television Producer/Graphic Novels